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trish araujo

Trisha is an American Council an

Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer and the proud owner of DOOR COUNTY FITNESS STUDIO. 

She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and spent a couple of

decades moving up the corporate ladder. She enjoyed her chosen career but grew tired of corporate, the politics and working for others tirelessly. So, when her daughter went off to college in NYC, she decided it was time to leave it all behind and do something different, something she felt could positively impact others.

So she retired from her career as a Director of Engineering and moved to Sister Bay, Door County, WI in 2016. You can ask her where she is from, and like Johnny Cash, she'll say "I've been everywhere, man".  She has lived in eight states and one other country and loves to travel!

Never Stop playing

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Trish is a self proclaimed bad ass. She was a strong willed little girl . . .years later, a very energetic 52 years young woman. She has been an athlete and involved in fitness most of her life and loves to try new activities. But with all that said, it doesn't mean she hasn't been without her own struggles. We all have, right?

At 38, she even tried co-ed soccer for the first time in her life and was happy that the "athlete" decided to show up on the field rather than "over-worked single mom". The team camaraderie of soccer lit a fire in her again. Unfortunately, she tore her ACL and Meniscus, so her soccer career ended as quickly as it started. But, being in a sport again and challenging her body, fueled her desire to ALWAYS remain active and to NEVER. STOP. PLAYING. 


Trish began training others and teaching dance fitness (Zumba) in 2010. She understands the struggles of a busy life, priorities pulling at you, injuries that can slow you down, self-talk that can sabotage your progress and the fluctuation in weight and motivation that can occur throughout one's life. Trish believes age is just a number and when you stop playing is when you believe you have grown old. 


Fitness doesn't have to be boring. And although at times it can be intimidating, she prides herself in empowering and inspiring others to push themselves outside their comfort zone. NO. MATTER. THEIR. AGE. Seeing her clients achieve goals, do things they didn't think they could do physically and mentally has fueled her desire to continue to help others in their fitness journey and achieving their goals.

Warning: her energy is contagious
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